delta all target finder,اسطنبول|تركوار

آب 28, 2019  
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delta all target finder,اسطنبول|تركوار



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Delta Premium

Delta Premium, is a new event in the world of metal detectors.

This device is one of the most sophisticated and accurate in the results, to achieve the dreams of a lot of amateurs and treasure hunters, explorers in general.

Premium is equipped with a comprehensive set of detection systems that give the user useful results and realistic, the device is characterized by many of the modern specifications and features that make it No. 1 globally. 

  • The main control unit
  • Multi-tasked search module
  • Movable handle
  • Ground radar sensor
  • Transceiver antennas
  • Ionic sensor
  • Plug wires + Soil Probes
  • Headphones
  • Charging adapter
  • Warranty card for 2 years
  • User Guide
  • Instruction disk

 | Detection system: | Delta Delta Premium, works with 6 detection systems: Long Range Locator System. Tracker Antennas System. Ionic Search System. Geophysical Search System. Live Scan System. 3D Ground Scan System.
 | The Specialty: | Specializes to detection: Gold, silver, copper, aluminum, tin, voids, gemstones, groundwater.
 | The Depth: | Search Depths are different from one system to another: Long Range Locator System & Tracker Antennas System Depth is: Search depth up to 25 meters, the depth of the search can be chosen previously: 1m – 3m – 5m – 10m – 15m – 20m – 25m. Ionic Search depth is: 15m Geophysical Search depths is: 60m. Live scan & 3d ground scan depth is: 14m.
 | The Distance: | Search distances are different from one system to another:  Long Range Locator & Tracker Antennas Systems Distance is: Search distance up to 1500 Meters, the distance of the search can be chosen previously: 10 m – 100 m – 250 m – 500 m – 750m – 1000m – 1500m. Ionic Search distance is: 60 m. Geophysical Search distance is: Depending on the position of the wires. Live scan & 3d ground scan distance is: Vertical search only.
 | Search Interface: | is multiple and different, the data is displayed according to the system that selected for the search by it.
 | Determines the depth and location: | The depth and location of the target are automatically detected on the screen with most systems.
 | Display Type: | It has a high resolution 4.3 “color TFT screen, giving the user precise settings and integrated results about the search process.
 | General settings menu: | Allows the user to adjust the following: Adjust the sound at five different levels with silent mode. Adjust the screen brightness: 5 levels. Language settings: German – English – Arabic – French. Set the time: Set the clock timing in the device.
 | Search settings menu: | Allowing the user to choose the search system, adjust the criteria of each system and set it up for search.
 | Keyboard: | allows quick control to set the device and navigate through all search options and results, With quick shortcut buttons to adjust the sound and screen brightness.
 | Power: | Internal Li-ion batteries 7.4 volts, Full charge 8.4 volts, 3000 mA.
 | Battery Working Hours: | 6 working hours, with the appearance of the battery level on the screen.
 | Processing type: | Multiple Digital signals processing.
 | Dealing with soil: | The device can work in all kinds of soils and terrain and works by automatic calibration system with ground.
 | Device weight: | 950 g, (compound)
 | Device size: | 20x12x3 cm
 | Full package weight: | 5 k.g
 | Full Package size: | 50x40x15 cm
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